Welcome to our new family member: Jarin Lourens

Jarin Lourens is a new member of the Strengholt Music Group family. We are very pleased to have signed him, but who is Jarin? Every person has their own story, so does Jarin Lourens. We are going to share his story with you.


I’ve read on your website that you’re a ‘multi genre producer’ because you’ve worked with many different music styles during your study. Which style fits you the most?

Because I worked with many different music styles, I am able to apply the things I’ve learned to my own work. Nowadays, pop music has changed a lot. You now hear crossovers from several music styles from way back in combination with music from “now” (Tropical House, Trap and Future Bass for example). They even blend music from the 80’s and 90’s with current pop music. I think that is awesome! You recognize those melodies from back then in the music we produce now and will in the future. I would call it: “The musical borders are fading away”. Because of this I am able to add acoustic elements into my own music.


So, how would you describe your music then?

I would describe my music as electronic, organic pop music. It’s really melodic, emotional and trendy.


Nice! We’ve also seen a Facebook page where you call yourself ‘Yarin’. Why did you change your artist name into Jarin Lourens?

Well, I chose the name ‘Yarin’ when I was focussing on performing as a DJ. Later on, Richwood and I created a DJ-duo and called our self ‘Yarin & Richwood’. We released several tracks together and made some remixes. We also made an official remix for Caro Emerald’s single ‘Tangled Up’ which is even on her record and digital album. Eventually, we decided to go our own way. We had a completely different future plan and interests when it comes to music.

So, I quit. I wanted to focus more on composing and producing pop music, television leaders, underscore music, radio jingles and corporate music.


Well, every ending is the beginning of something new. Jarin, could you tell me who do you look up to in the music industry?

Wow, a lot actually. If we’re talking about song writing and producing, I would definitely say Max Martin. Not only as a song writer and a producer, but also as a musical supervisor. I also worship people like Ian Kirkpatrick, Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco & Sonny Moore (Skrillex). They inspire me with their way of producing and their biography.


If you had to choose someone who you’d like to work with in the future, who would that be?

Oh, so many! Do I really need to choose one? Haha, if I had to make a decision… I would say Chris Martin (Coldplay) or Drew Taggart (The Chainsmokers) or… or… or…


Great choices. Who knows what the future holds… But, let’s go back to the beginning. How did you start making music?

As a kid I was always singing and playing several melodies on the keyboard my parents gave me for my 8th birthday. I took some classes at a local music school. Because I was constantly trying to reproduce what I heard on the radio, I developed my musical ear and as a result I also improved my piano skills. But not only my piano skills, I also learned how to play the guitar and drums.

When I was 15 I played in a band as a keyboardist and a singer. Since I started playing in the band, I also started to write my own music. I began to record my demos and my interest in music production started growing and growing. I finished High School and needed to decide in which direction I wanted to go. I’ve tried several studies, but ended up at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede. I took a course in MediaMusic. This was the school where I felt most at home. I realised that this is where my music career would have the chance to develop. This is where I learned how to produce and compose music in a wide variety of music styles.


I’m glad to hear you’ve made the right choice. It’s hard these days to make the right decision at once, we’re spoilt for choice. But what else have you done besides your study?

As I’ve mentioned before, I created television leaders for ‘Zapplive’ and ‘Zapp Your Planet’ and underscore music in association with Henk Pool. I also made radio jingles for ‘Star Radio’ and cooperated with Tino Martin’s CD/DVD “Het Concert Van Mijn Dromen (Live In HMH)”. These are a few examples of the things I’ve done next to my study.


What do you want to achieve in the next few years?

I have a lot of ambitions and dreams, but one thing what I would love to see is many people together singing along with a song which includes my written music. Another goal is to score a number one airplay hit within two years. Those are the dreams I wish to see come true.