Strengholt Music Group Ft. Spotify – We About To Drop Those Lists

We’re excited to inform you that we’re going to release new Spotify playlists more often. Sharing great music with you and not only the latest releases, but also songs you might have forgotten.

We’ve created several new playlists on Spotify especially for you!

Starting today with our newest playlist; ‘SMG Weekly Update’. We are going to make sure you’re able to listen to the latest and greatest hits from our catalogue. From now on, you don’t have to turn internet upside down anymore…  We are going to do that for you!

But… of course we are going to release more than one playlist. So, we created another one… another one… 😉

On November 16th we are also going to release the ‘SMG Top 40 MIX’ playlist. This is a playlist which contains different music, all unique in their own way.

Are you curious which artists and songs will be in this playlist? Check it out!

If you feel there is a song missing, let us know and we’ll add it to the next update. We can’t wait to hear from you, and which songs you consider as ‘the greatest’ from our catalogue.

Last, but not least we’ll focus on specific artists with playlists which contain a selection of songs from a certain artist, called; ‘SMG Artist Special’. You will be amazed by the amount of songs you seldom listen too or those forgotten gems.

So, keep an eye on our Social Media as we’ll keep you posted through our channels.