Every author or composer, either a professional or new in the music business, needs a dedicated publisher which offers solid support. Whether it’s creative, financial, juridical or administrative, your publisher needs to be accurate, thorough and on the ball.


Demand for the use of music – whether for albums, TV series, movies, games or ad campaigns – is constantly growing. Our swift and personal service accommodates these demands. We have a comprehensive roster of contemporary and classic songs by renowned artists, composers and songwriters to manage the requirements of record labels, advertising agencies, game developers, and movie and TV producers.

Song Pitch

Strengholt Music Group is very well connected in the world of high-profile music labels and works closely with an extensive global network of record companies and their A&R managers. We can assist you by offering your songs to appropriate labels that will best serve your music and your brand. We screen the recording contract, undertake all necessary negotiations and conclude the deal on your behalf.


Even the strongest single release, album release or multi-platform campaign will fail if it is not backed up by an accurate and efficient administration system. Our rock-solid back office deals with everything from global copyright registration, income tracking and accounting for local and foreign royalty income to ensure that our composers and authors receive the income they worked hard to earn.

Promotion & Marketing

Strengholt Music Group helps aspiring and professional authors and composers to build a robust online presence. We have the ability, know-how and network to market and promote our artists and their music. We effectively target the right media – online, printed, TV and radio – to enhance our artists’ visibility and the impact of their brand.

Career planning

To obtain success is one thing, to maintain it is another. Promising and established musicians both need to plan their careers well to stay ahead of the game. As a music publisher, we establish long-term relationships with our composers and authors so we can achieve more together. A stable career needs a transparent forecast of what’s to come. We have the expertise to guide you along the rocky roads of the music industry.


Strengholt Music Group regularly organises song camps, which bring together a wide variety of creative minds to write and compose for one or more days in professional, fully equipped studios. Song camps are an opportunity to inspire, or be inspired by, your peers and often result in exciting and unexpected collaborations and, most importantly, amazing music, guided by our experienced Creative Managers.

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