Lucas Hamming - Luck Is For Suckers (album artwork cover)

Lucas Hamming’s new album ‘Luck Is For Suckers’ out now

The popular Dutch artist Lucas Hamming released his second studio album ‘Luck Is For Suckers’, which was presented in the famous A’dam Tower.

“Happy release day! What a day”, thus an enthusiastic Hamming. “Thanks everyone. ‘Luck Is For Suckers’ is out now.”

Lucas Hamming worked with Strengholt authors Radboud Miedema and Janieck van de Polder, who co-wrote the song ‘Always On The Run’.

‘Luck Is For Suckers’ is released via [PIAS]  and the track ‘Always On The Run’ can be found in our ‘SMG 2017 Releases’ playlist on Spotify.