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Dennis van Aarssen wins Edison Jazz award!

Dennis van Aarssen won the Edison Jazz award for his debut album ‘Forever You’ ! Strengholt’s New York based writer Jeff Franzel co-wrote three songs on this album (Superhero, My Favorite Place In The World and Let’s Fall)

Congratulations to everybody that was involved in making this happen! Teamwork makes the dream work.

Tino Martin is one of the most streamed folk artists on Spotify!

Tino Martin is one of the most streamed folk artists on Spotify! He ranks on the 31ste place in the #Top50 most streamed artists of 2020 list within The Netherlands 🥳

2020 came with some amazing achievements for this Dutch singer, as his latest album “Voor Iedereen” went gold within one month after release a couple of months ago! Strengholt writers Jeroen Russchen, Christon Kloosterboer, Arthur Stoker, Cornel Sier and Henny Thijssen all co-wrote songs for this spectacular album🔥

Leo Verhoef starts brand new label and publishing fund!

Our composer Leo Verhoef recently started his brand new record label and publishing fund: Casa Meganika. After months of preparations, today marks the day of Casa Meganika’s very first release: Pantov – WannaBe, with remixes by L.F.U. and LKRT. A stomping slice of old school breakbeats and tech. Out now on all digital platforms and on good old vinyl via Killacutz records. Happy release day!