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Another Golden Award For Jeroen Russchen!

Strengholt writer Jeroen Russchen received a golden award for co-writing the song “Ik Durf Alles” on the latest Kinderen voor Kinderen album. This is his second golden award within two months.

Kinderen Voor Kinderen is a Dutch children’s choir maintained by public broadcaster BNNVARA. Since 1980 they release a new album of children’s songs each year.

The Edison Pop 2021 Awards

The Dutch equivalent of the Grammy’s, The Edison Pop 2021 Awards, are upon us and we’re happy to announce that Tino Martin and Rob de Nijs are nominated for their respected albums in various categories! 

Two times Edison winner Tino Martin is up for a third Edison for his gold awarded album “Voor Iedereen”, feauturing songs co-written by Strengholt writers Jeroen Russchen, Christon Kloosterboer, Arthur Stoker, Cornel Sier and Henny Thijssen. 

Legendary Dutch singer Rob de Nijs is nominated for his latest album “’t Is Mooi Geweest”, featuring songs co-written by another amazing Strengholt writer: Belinda Meuldijk. ​​

21 Million Views For I’m Sorry

The official music video of “I’m Sorry” by former Eurovision Song Contest contestant Arilena Ara has more than 21 million views on Youtube!

The original song was written in Albanian (“Nëntori”, which means November), so they where looking for an English lyric that Strengholt writer Menno Reyntjes wrote.

Dennis van Aarssen wins Edison Jazz award!

Dennis van Aarssen won the Edison Jazz award for his debut album ‘Forever You’ ! Strengholt’s New York based writer Jeff Franzel co-wrote three songs on this album (Superhero, My Favorite Place In The World and Let’s Fall)

Congratulations to everybody that was involved in making this happen! Teamwork makes the dream work.