Strengholt Music Group supports the following associations:

Foundation for the Protection of the Entertainment Industry Rights Netherlands. BREIN represents its members by fighting against the abuse of copyrights (= piracy). BREIN develops policies with regards to fighting piracy and informs and educates the press, government and public.

Buma/Stemra looks after the interests of domestic and international music authors and publishers. The core task of Buma/Stemra is commercial exploitation (collect and pay fees) and management of music copyrights of its associated composers, lyricists and music publishers. Buma/Stemra protects music copyrights and supports the cultural (national) music product through Buma Cultuur (Buma Culture). With this, it is an organisation that does more than just the commercial exploitation of music copyrights.

Centre for Author Services and Related Rights. CEDAR is the joint company for general and technical services of a large number of organisations who are active in the field of commercial exploitation of copyrights and related rights.

Organisation that is appointed by the government to execute the lending rights policy. This policy means that for example, public libraries can lend out all copyright protected works if a payment is made to the Leenrecht Foundation. The foundation then ensures that the money is distributed between the makers, publishers and producers through their own organisations.

Foundation for Literacy Rights of Authors looks after the rights of writers, editors and translators of literary, literary-dramatic and music-dramatic works. For example, the rights that are attached to the use of television series, film, plays, radio plays, poems and music drama. From the 1st of January 2009 LIRA also represents the collective rights of journalists (formerly, these were looked after by the Nieuwswaarde Foundation).

Foundation for Copyrights for Musicians and Actors is a collection and distribution organisation for performing artists that looks after the interests of musicians, actors and all other performing artists with regards to copyrights. An example of NORMA’s work is collecting and distributing money for/to performers (such as money from the Leenrecht Foundation and the Homecopy Foundation). Apart from that, NORMA is active both nationally and internationally to improve the legislation in relation to copyrights.

Foundation for the Exploitation of Cable Television Rights with Regards to Audio Visual Material and SEKAM VIDEO. The SEKAM Foundation looks after the interests of domestic and foreign film and television producers, especially productions that are shown on television through cable broadcasting. The SEKAM VIDEO Foundation does the same for producers when it comes to homecopy compensation, or for the video lending compensation which is paid for by libraries.

Foundation for Exploitation of Copyrights. SENA is responsible for the execution of the Copyrights Law and collects compensations for public use of music (from CDs and other audio storage devices) and distributes this money between music producers and performing artists. SENA closely cooperates with similar organisations abroad which enable the rightful claimants to receive a compensation when their music is played in other countries. SENA was founded by pressure groups of audio storage device producers and performing artists.

Foundation for Home Copy Compensation for Audio Producers. STAP distributes the compensations for homecopies that are meant for the producers of audio storage devices. This is done based on the repartition settlement, which is based on the market share.

Foundation that was tasked by the government to execute the homecopy settlement. This settlement is a reasonable compensation for the home copying of empty carriers such as cds and dvds. The homecopy compensation is paid by the producers and importers of empty audio and video storage devices. The Homecopy Foundation collects the compensations and then distributes these among the organisations and rightful claimants.

Foundation for the Exploitation and Exhibition Rights for Audio Visual Materials. Writers, directors and producers of film and television productions are members of this foundation and have transferred several of their rights to the foundation. VEVAM collects and distributes compensations for film and television shows that were shown on television through cable broadcasting and also the share of film homecopy compensation.

The Videma Foundation is the link between producers of moving images (such as television and film) and the person or organisation who wants to publicly show these moving images, such as a nursing organisation or a cafe. Videma arranges permits for the exhibitors and collects the compensations to ensure that film and television shows can be broadcasted legally and the rightful claimants will be paid.

Foundation for Organisations who Collectively Exploit Intellectual Property. VOI©E is the trade organisation of collective administration organisations (CAOs) for copyrights. All 17 CAOs who are active in the Netherlands are members of VOI©E. By joining VOI©E, the CAOs agree to the code of conduct that has been in force since the 3rd of April 2008. The Foundation aims to increase the understanding for the execution of the copyrights and inform the public about the procedures of CAO.