Janieck is a modern singer songwriter and guitar soloist, who’s bridging the gap to dance. He is focused on translating his feelings, thoughts and music into simple essence, without compromise. Janieck believes a good song should convey all this essence, even if stripped naked bare to the bone. If his songs were performed on a crooked guitar with one string left, they should still feel solid and complete. When a song carries this essence, only then he allows himself to begin producing, enriching and bridging the gap to dance.

Janieck’s music and lyrics reflect his personality: A mystery and clarity entwined. What you see is what you get. Creative, pure and genuine, an open book – clear and crisp with a logic that is easy to follow.

Guided by passion he lives his life ever searching, ever changing to whatever feels good. Or bad for that matter. Mixtures of emotions, which he’s not afraid to show, lead his way. Janieck embraces the blue skies and treasures the grey edges as they inspire him when writing. His honesty makes him vulnerable but very real. This is why fans like Janieck. That’s why his music and fingerprinted voice feel like a friend you can always count upon to lift your spirit and amplify the moment.

There has always been something about Janieck. As a young boy he was street casted for the Dutch film Pluk van de Petteflet (2004). In his next film Crusade in Jeans (2006) the natural borne actor grew into a natural borne musician. To kill time on the set, he bought a guitar and taught himself to play. His newly discovered talent unleashed the singer songwriter JNCK. Written at the age of 14, the first song he ever recorded was ‘A better man’. The song is about taking chances and driving the change that will make you better; a true display of Janieck’s passion to improve.

The song Reality that he co-produced with Lost Frequencies rocketed his career at the age of 20. It topped the European charts in 2015 and 2016 for almost a year. With Reality gaining playtime all over the world, it is clear Janieck is able to touch hearts and minds wherever.

His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. Many established artists throughout the world – for instance Klingande, Alle Farben, Sam Feldt, Jef Martens and Djorkaeff (Konstantin Scherer) – have reached out to him, and invited him to work together on various projects.